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  •        倍諾 ( BENO ),是荷蘭諾德韋克化工集團旗下的高端品牌,擁有完善的高品質農作物保護產品,包含葉面肥、沖施肥、水溶肥、膨果肥、微生物菌肥、有機肥、生物殺菌劑等。2013年,荷蘭諾德韋克化工集團與河南原動力生物肥業有限公司建立戰略合作,正式把倍諾引進中國,同時與中國農業大學共同建立實驗中心,以便產品更適用于中國的農業生產環境。




    BENO is a premium brand under the nordwijk chemical group in the Netherlands. It has perfect high-quality crop protection products, including foliaceous fertilizer, water soluble fertilizer, fruit fertilizer, microbial fertilizer, organic fertilizer, biological fungicide and so on. In 2013, Holland Noordwijk Chemical Group established a strategic cooperation with Henan Yuandongli Biological Fertilizer Co., Ltd., formally introducing BENO into China, and setting up an experimental center with China Agricultural University so that the products can be more suitable for China's agricultural production environment.


    BENO's each product, has passed at least 40 harsh quality appraisal and quality safety audit, and passed ISO9001:2000 certification, organic certification and PONY spectrum testing and so on, each index is higher than the international standard level. From product development, formula development, production process, quality supervision, small to packaging process, each step adheres to the professional, cautious, picky attitude, adhere to the initial quality, the pursuit of craftsman spirit.


    From Holland, China harvest. BENO is committed to a green, ecological, modern and efficient agricultural production, will use the world's leading eco-technology, provides an inexhaustible driving force for China's agricultural development!